Fat Mole

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Released: june 2014

You are a mole. Your quest: become fat. Never eat the vegetables, they are too healthy. Eat your way through multiple levels and achievements, full of amazing hand-chopped graphics. Epic. Besides all the epicness, Fat Mole also contains a daily/weekly highscore system.

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Fat Mole - the most unhealthy and irresponsible game

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Screenshot Fat Mole level title screen
Screenshot Fat Mole level 1
Screenshot Fat Mole level 2
Screenshot Fat Mole level 3

Tips and tricks

  1. Exploding will double your kJ
  2. Swipe down to make shorter jumps
  3. If you jump, you'll stay fat
  4. If you crawl, you'll become thin
  5. Click on the progressbar to view your progress
  6. When you are fat, you'll get more kJ
  7. Don't explode to soon, it's better to gain kJ first and then explode


Update for Android and iOS released. The update addresses some bugs and contains:

  • God mode, will only cost 100 dogecoin
  • Wormholes
  • One extra level, Garbage leftovers, with more food
  • One extra level, Frozen food, very annoying
  • Ability to collect multiple helmets, max 3
  • kJ for collecting food
  • kJ for destroying objects
  • Better highscore screens
  • Some gameplay tweaks