Massive Warfare

The next generation laser game system

Massive Warfare

Massive Warfare is a GPS powered, shock based, mobile laser tag system.

The system is based on the Massive Warfare app for iOS or Android. Every laser tag gun pairs with your mobile device using Bluetooth. The app detects the gun and enables you to play with and against other players.

Fat Mole

You are a mole. Your quest: become fat. Eat your way through multiple levels and achievements, full of amazing hand-chopped graphics. Epic.

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Screenshot Fat Mole level 3

The studio

Toothpaste & Bubblegum is a small indie game studio based in The Netherlands. We like to play games and love to create them. Currently we only develop apps for ios and android. We do not produce toothpaste or bubblegum.

As a new company it's hard to earn money with game development. That's why we do not work full-time on our games, but it is our dream to stop doing other work and create lots of games and apps.

So, buy and play our games :D

Bubblegum flavoured toothpaste awesome

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The team


Our team currently consists of two people: Gerard Oudenampsen (down) and Ruud Arentsen (up), both Dutch and passionate about technology and games.

We've been developing stuff for years: websites, applications, games and even a 3D engine for DirectX a few years ago. We never finished it though, but it was interesting to build it.

Gerard also runs GSquare, a website and app development studio. He is very good at Objective-C and loves to create custom hardware. He once developed a piece of hardware that could calculate 0-100 km/h time from a car's computer.

Ruud does some freelance web development on the side and loves to play with C++ and dive into technical issues that come with game development. Besides that, he also likes to play the artist. Whether he's good at it is up to you :D


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You can reach us by phone or e-mail. If you have a question about our games, feel free to ask.

Contact address
De Zomereik 47, 7325 HP Apeldoorn, The Netherlands